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MultiOne UK

MultiOne: the multifunctional mini loader that turns any working challenge into a success!

Performance, design and power are the winning features of MultiOne, the multi purpose articulated mini loader that makes even the most difficult job easy.

With the commitment to ensure great reliability, the implementation of a certified quality management system and the constant search for innovative solutions. CSF is a company with more than 10 years of experience, to offer the most complete range of MultiOne multi-purpose machines, able to meet the needs of any customer: from the DIY worker to the most demanding professional.

MultiOne is a unique multi-purpose working tool, to maximize productivity and minimize costs (capital costs, operating & transportation costs, operator training requirements, etc.).

MultiOne is the multifunctional compact miniloader distributed in many different Countries, from Europe to Oceania, from Asia to South America.

In the past decade different generations of mini loader have been working in a variety of industries. MultiOne is tried and tested in every application and is proven to be resourceful, like a Swiss Army Knife.

Thousands of Multione work every day all around the World and under the most adverse conditions, confirming to be one of the most reliable equipment on the market.

The knowledge, experience and know-how that allows the engineering and production of a complete line of MultiOne mini loaders, is supported by a worldwide network of professionals to offer a global technical and training support as well as a quick after-sales service.

When people choose a MultiOne multi-purpose machine they choose versatility, Italian design, the best performance. The power of a compact mini loader with over 170 attachments that converts even the most demanding job into fun.

Telephone: 0870 225 5554
Email: sales@rangerequipment.co.uk
Website: www.multione.co.uk

Unit P2 Mc Gregors Way, Turnoakes Business Park, Chesterfield. S40 2WB

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